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Joseph Burket

Novelist | Poet | Navy Retiree

Author of the Gadabout Series of Short Science Fiction novels as well as poetry and other collected works. Joseph Burket has been writing and ghost-writing for over 5 decades.

The Gadabouts

A Sci-Fi Series About a Team of Time Traveling Robots and their Adventures

“Gadabout Buddy and the Crystal Brain”

Book One

A Science Fiction Book about a team of robot time travelers. They rescue those trapped in time.

“Blue Crystal

Book Two

A team of four time traveling robots called the Gadabouts are tasked with saving the world, by rescuing victims trapped in time.

A Stitch in Time”

Book Three

The Continuing Adventures of The Gadabouts. A team of special robots, designed to travel through time.

The Crystal Paradox”

Book Three

The continuing story of four robots, that can travel through time. Their job is to rescue victims trapped in the past.

Collected Works

“Collection of Poems and Short Stories by my Hand”

A Comprehensive Collection of Very Short Stories and Poems.

“Short Stories by Joe”

Book of ten short stories and some poems